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Outlines and Facilities

Museum Guide Map 7:General Exhibition Room 5:Multipurpose Hall 6:Audio-visual Corner 2:Resting Space/Free Space 1:Experiential Study Room 3:Special Exhibition Room 4:Chosokabe Exhibition Room 8:Entrance of Mt Oko Historical Park

Museum Guide 1:Experiential Study Room 2:Resting Space/Free Space 3:Special Exhibition Room 4:Chosokabe Exhibition Room 5:Multipurpose Hall 6:Audio-visual Corner 7:General Exhibition Room 8:Entrance of Mt Oko Historical Park

1. Experiential Study Room - 1F

Experiential Study  Room - 1F

Books on the history and other information about Kochi Prefecture are available for visitors. Classes involving study materials called “Waku Waku Work” are held.

2. Resting Space / Free Space - 1F

Resting Space /Free Space - 1F

The resting space is located at the corner of the building, where visitors can overlook the courtyard. Visitors can sit down and enjoy food and beverages here. There are 30 seats and vending machines. From time to time, small scale exhibitions are held here, using it as a “mini-gallery”. There also is a space for nursing babies.

3. Special Exhibition Room - 1F

Special Exhibition Room - 1F

Based on the research conducted by curators, special exhibitions featuring certain themes are held 3 to 4 times a year.

4. Chosokabe Exhibition Room - 2F

Chosokabe Exhibition Room - 2F

Exhibition includes Chosokabe family related information as well as national historical site and Oko Castle Ruins. In the center of the room is a re-creation of the headquarters of the Chosokabe forces at the Battle of Awa–Nakatomigawa (16th century), allowing patrons to see the atmosphere during the age of civil wars.

 Main exhibitions:
  • Portrait of Motochika Chosokabe (replica) Important Cultural Properties
  • Headquarters of the Chosokabe (re–creation),
  • Wooden Statue of Motochika Chosokabe (replica),
  • Armor used by Motochika Chosokabe
  • Long Swords (replica), etc.

5. Multipurpose Hall - 2F

Multipurpose Hall - 2F

Lectures and classes are held.
Capacity for 150 people.

※ BD and CD equipped.

6. Audio-visual Corner - 2F

Audio-visual Corner - 2F

Visitors can watch video tapes of historic and festive events in Tosa (Kochi) from 22 programs

 Main visual programs
  • Tosa’s Provincial Governor: Kino Tsurayuki
  • Nonaka Kenzan’s Accomplishments
  • Ryoma Sakamoto, the Man Who was Instrumental in Ending the Tokugara Shogunate
  • Motochika Chosokabe – First Battle – (clay animation): Our recommendation!
  • Tosa’s Iwakage Cavern Ruins
  • Agricultural Remains found Underground
  • Festivals and Folklore in Tosa
  • The Henro (88 Temple Pilgrimage) in Tosa
  • Bonito Fishery in Tosa, etc.

7. General Exhibition Room - 3F

General Exhibition Room - 3F

Historical artifacts related to Kochi Prefecture from the prehistoric ages to the present day are on display.

 Main Exhibition
  • Clay Pots from the Yayoi Era (10th century B.C. to the 3rd century B.C.)
  • Replica of Tamura Houses Surrounded by Moats in the Middle Ages
  • Wet Plate Photograph of Ryoma Sakamoto (replica)
  • Model of the Castle Town of Kochi
  • Bait Basket

8. Mt Oko Historical park - Outdoor

Oko Castle Ruins

Oko Castle Ruins

Oko Castle Ruins

Former Mimoto Family House Main Building

Former Mimoto Family House Main Building

A panel explains the Oko Castle ruins, the residential castle of the Chosokabe Family during the Warring States period. Additionally, ordinary residential houses in the mountain village of Tsuno (old Higashi–tsuno) have been moved into the exhibition.

 Outdoor Exhibition
  • National Historical Site, Oko Castle Ruins
  • Registered Tangible Cultural Asset Former Mimoto Family House Main Building